The Biggest Challenges for Today's Sales Professionals

Being a Sales professional is more challenging than ever before. There are calls to be made, administrative work, data input, research and more; There are many roles to be maintained.

Moreover, goals still need to be reached.

The importance of salespeople cannot be overstated. They are the engine that drives the revenue for any business.

Sales professionals today are faced with many challenges. Here are some of the biggest struggles they have to overcome.

Dealing with Smart Buyers

Gone are the days when it was enough to know about your product. There was a time when salespeople could get away with glossing over the weaknesses and highlighting the strengths of their product. Today’s sales professionals need to adapt their process to be customer-centric and practice “smart selling.”

Today’s buyer is astute. They know what they want and are informed about different options, pricing, and benefits. There are often teams of people deciding to purchase with varying opinions about whats best. Hence, to convince them to buy your product, you need to go the extra mile. You must be aware of all the options and how your product is differentiated from others in the market. Develop a strategy for finding information that’s not readily apparent. It’s kind of like playing chess. Plan every move you make and think like the customer.

Being well-versed on the weaknesses or offering of all the major companies in your niche can be stressful. After all, there is constant pressure to know more than your customers about the options available, industry and provide buyer value.

This wouldn’t be a struggle if there were distinct differences in products on the market. However, in some industries the difference is minor. This makes the buyers focal point price. Being able to articulate your defined value is the key to success.

In-house Competition

Most sales professionals are paid based on how well they perform and how many sales they bring in to the business. This means not only do they have to worry about external competition taking away their clients but also about internal competition. This internal competition can set the bar low for trust. In-house competition creates an environment of “every salesperson for themselves.”

Lack of trust means a lack of sharing and an unhealthy, unproductive workplace.

Accessing Decision Makers

It is tough for salespeople to contact the decision maker of the company they are targeting (depending on what type of business they are in). When reaching out to customers, it is common to meet the gatekeeper instead.

Interacting with gatekeepers is one of the most challenging obstacles a salesperson can face. This is because their job is to protect the decision makers time. You need to convince them to allow access to the person you want to talk to, a battle when their goals are the opposite of yours.


The key to any relationship is rapport+trust+value. If you can’t get access, it is tough to build rapport. If you are having difficulty with building rapport and gaining trust try reaching out to several people in the company.


These struggles are challenging, not impossible. Establish time blocking, do research, and use technology to help you be more productive. Plan, strategize and educate yourself in each area of the sales process to show up ready to crush your sales goals!

Good Luck can be Found at the Intersection of Hard Work and Perseverance.

Be Great and Prosper-Nan

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