The Role of Creativity in Sales

The Role of Creativity in Sales

The sales process often requires many unusual twists and turns. The original intentions and planning in your sales process often turn into something much different by the end of a sale. The following are some areas of sales where creativity is key to success


There was a time in business where sales and marketing were two very separate areas. The sales landscape has changed the way sell and market as well.

Sales and marketing now work side by side in many industries to provide a holistic approach to the customer. Sales offer insight and creativity designed to engage the customer in the early stages of the sales process. Both sales and marketing areas share the development of buyer personas, emails, and messaging. I call this new role "smarketing,"


In sales, the bar is getting higher to gain access to decision makers. The sales professionals who develop rapport and increase credibility make deals happen. So how do you build awareness of your offering and yourself? Take the path less traveled. Use community events, community influences, social organizations, and social proof. Who do you know who could introduce you? Humor is the great equalizer and promotes bonding. I have seen sales professionals use humor in every aspect of prospecting using everything from GIF's to industry rants. Note to self: humor is used best when directed at self or an inanimate object.

Problem Solving

Great salespeople tend to be great problem solvers as well. Your ability to think out of the box for solutions to your customer's issues separates you from your competitors. A creative sales person who designs creative solutions will win the business in today’s sales.

Handling Objections

How creative will you be in handling objections? Will you shrug your shoulders and give up, or look for alternative ways to provide the customer with a unique solution to meet their needs. Salespeople who think outside the box to develop a unique offering close more sales.

Customers Customer

Have you thought of ways to help the customers customer? Providing insights to your customers on ways to deliver value to their customers changes the way they view you. Would you rather be seen as a vendor or a trusted partner/advisor that brings value?

Creative Use

Most salespeople have a defined territory and customer base. They sell into one or several vertical industries. A creative salesperson will discover new types of customers for their offering. Finding alternative uses for a product has made some of the most significant discoveries in history possible. Sticky notes exist because a glue manufacturer failed to make glue that was strong enough to bond. This creative found an alternative use in sticking notes to surfaces with it. Walla! The sticky note is born!

If you want to express your creativity look at areas like marketing, customer service, prospecting, product alternatives, and going the extra mile to provide the customer with what they need. These are ways to increase sales and flex your creative muscles in the process.

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