How to move from Goal Setting to Goal Getting

As we enter 2018, there seems to be an unusual amount of activity around goal setting. The truth is without the principals of successful goal setting most will be goal setting, not goal getting. The law of diminishing intent will kick in, and over time the goal will be moved to the list for 2019. Let's not let that happen! The following are six principles of successful goal getting!

Know What You Want

If you ask most people what they want they will tell you what they don't want. For instance, a salesperson who wants to make sales might say, I don't want to miss quota, instead of "I want to make 30 sales." A person who wants to be thin might say, "I don't want to be fat." A person who wants to be rich might say, "I don't want to be poor." When you are trying to change behaviors try to position your goals to move towards something positive rather than away from something negative. The subconscious mind does not process the words "don't"or "no" . Your subconscious mind will only hear the rest of the sentence. Instead of hearing I don't want to be fat, it will hear "I want to be fat." Setting you up for failure. Try this when you are goal setting to get more positive outcomes.

Take REAL Actions

Just saying I want it doesn't make it so. Actions equal outcomes - period.

If you want to achieve anything give yourself a reasonable amount of time, then develop a timeline working backward of actions needed to achieve your desired outcome. For instance, let's say you want to make 100,000 dollars in sales in 2018. What actions are necessary to reach this goal? If you need to call on ten prospects to make one sale, how many would you need to reach in 12 months? 9 months? Six months? Three months? One month? Two weeks? One week? Five days? Tommorrow? Write it out and take action in daily, weekly and monthly increments to reach your desired outcome. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Pay Attention to Your Results

Monitor your results. How often do you set goals and never review them for progress? If you don't measure your progress, you will not know when to adjust and correct course if you get off track. Look at your results and learn from the feedback. You will never fail, you will either win, or learn from the feedback. It will also keep you from doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Keep it Simple and Just Do It

Don't get paralysis analysis! Keep your goals simple. The most successful people in life, take fire, then aim. If you are off target, realign and try again. If you never fire - you will never reach your goals. Mistakes help us to learn, grow and improve. Use the fear of failure and turn it into excitement. Use the adrenaline for rocket fuel to drive you in your goals.

Live Your Life with an Attitude of Gratitude and Integrity

Life is full of choices, changes, and challenges. How will you show up in your life? Will you define your life, or will life define you? Are you grateful for what you have, or measuring what you don't? If you are grateful, a funny thing happens; you get more of what you are grateful for, It is the law of attraction. What you think will manifest itself into your reality. Trust me on this and start thinking of the positive things in your life. If you live your life with integrity, you will not waste time and energy on negative thoughts or people.

Try these principles to be a goal getter in 2018!

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