5 Ways to Create a Successful Sales Team

What got you here, won't get you there." The sales superstar that moves up due to stellar performance has dreams of achieving the same excellence in the new role as the previous one. The problem is in the transition, what got you here, doesn't get you there.

The following are a few ideas to help sales leaders to sharpen their skills to get them "there."

Focus on Value Creation

What you sell is less important than how you sell. Coach your team in ways to create value throughout the sales process.There are a million ways to follow up, read my previous article"How to stop just checking in" for details. Be creative, and think of ways the sales team can align themselves with the buyer journey. Kind of like a sherpa leading the buyer down the path of discovery. One tip to attaining sherpa status; have your sales team start thinking as if they are in the buyer's world. What if they were on the lookout for potential business opportunities for the buyer? Many industries have crossover; you may be working with someone who could use your buyer's services. Develop a strategist mindset to enhance your value.


Sales leaders take on the role thinking they will be a coach, mentor, and advocate for the sales team. Then reality sets in, HR issues, recruitment, retention, budgets, reports, supplies, regulations, industry updates, meetings, meetings and more meetings eat away at the hours of the day and pretty soon the noble efforts of coaching, and mentoring are a distant memory. What happened to the role you dreamed of when you accepted this position?

Teach them to Fish

Often a sales leader takes one of three roles. The partner who co-sells with the salesperson. The observer who watches the sales call and provides feedback, and the handoff, who takes the sale midway from the salesperson and carries it across the finish line. I suggest you teach your sales team how to fish. Some will prosper, some may fail. The way to sustainable, repeatable success with your team is a sales playbook that is updated to reflect changes in the sales landscape and empowering the team with the tools they need to succeed.

Create the Vision

Strategy without execution is just strategy. Let your sales team set their own sales goals. When each salesperson sets their own sales goals, they will take personal accountability for their success. It will empower them to succeed.

Measure Progress and Results

Do you measure progress and results? If you do not measure the development of the sales team, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to develop B players into A players. With the right timing and well throughout coaching, you can foster personal growth in the team. Rewards and intrinsic motivators will do wonders in producing a culture of celebration for winning sales. While everyone should be fairly compensated, getting the best from your employees is rarely about money alone.

What you focus on you find. Direct your focus on building your team, celebrating wins, and creating business strategies to take your team across the finish line to win.

Hope these tips bring value to you in your role,

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