4 Keys to Writing an Effective Email

Wow! How much email lands in your inbox every day? If you are like most business people, it is somewhere between 250-500 emails per day! I know I get an avalanche daily. The app unroll.me is very useful in managing email, but I digress. Some of the emails I receive are pretty good, and I sometimes write to tell the sender; this is good content! I am not sure if they appreciate my critique, but I would be grateful to know I am on the right track.

There are some good, some not so good and some awful. There are the quilt- ridden emails, the all about me, and the I want to waste your time emails. The following are a few tips for writing an email that will increase your chances of getting read!

Be Brief, Bring Value

In the information-overloaded world, we live in today; you must be brief and bring value. If you don't, you will be deleted. Make your subject line no more than 3-5 words; this can be read on any mobile device. Make these words something compelling like re; meeting, follow up, upcoming meeting. These subject lines will get enough attention to at least get a browse. Be honest and measure your words carefully to get beyond this stage.

Get it Out

What you need to say should be no longer than two to three sentences when making initial contact. A brief email should state who you are, where you are from, why you are writing in the first few lines. No flowery how are you, no formality, Just write as if you were speaking to the person in front of you.Be honest and tell them what you want and why they should care.Make sure to give them a reason for wanting to invest their time with you. Remember this is the beginning of a conversation. You are not trying to sell anything!

Do Some Research

Don't say I would like to learn more about your business! Try doing some research and tell them what you have learned about them instead! The best emails I get are from people that took the time to get to know me. They have done enough research on my business and myself to speak from a place of familiarity. I am usually impressed and depending on the value; I may decide to continue the conversation. In the jungle of email today, only the smart survive.

Be Intentional

What do you want to happen next? Have you left a call to action? Is this the last thing the reader sees? If so, congratulations, most emails do not tell the reader what the next steps in the conversation will be. Did you state what will happen if you don't hear from them? Will you follow up with a voicemail? An email/voicemail combo is an efficient way to continue the conversation and will give you two for the price of one! I would suggest doing these both within 48 hours of each other to have the most significant impact.

I hope these tips for writing an effective email were brief and brought value to our conversation.

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