How To Win Big with your Sales Team

When was the last time your sales meeting was actually about selling? If you are like most organizations, sales meetings are full of product updates, expectations, and what other departments would like you to do for them to make their job easier.

If you want to develop a winning sales culture you need to focus on - sales.

Plan Ahead

Poll your sales team before the meeting on what they would like to discuss. Give them a start by introducing the common issues salespeople struggle with; closing, opening, value creation, objections, questions, time management. This is a good start to open the doors to other sales topics.

Make it all about Them

A team feels like a team when the time is dedicated to helping them win. Set the tone of the meeting to sales development. Yes, I know there are other topics that need to be addressed, but put the housekeeping at the back of the bus.

Focus on Strategy

If you don't have a sales playbook, you need one. This is the bricks and mortar that holds the sales process together. Sales people will often have a run of success followed by a slump. It can be frustrating to everyone as they try to figure out what went wrong. It is most commonly the lack of a sales process. To get repeatable, sustainable results, you need to have a repeatable process.

Make it a Dialogue

If you go into the meeting with your agenda, you will succeed in meeting your immediate goals, but what about your team? Try asking open questions, and if necessary, call on your most vocal salespeople to get the conversation started. When your team starts to engage, two things happen, you learn what's on their minds, and they learn from each other. A win-win if you ask me.

Continue the Conversation

Don't stop at a meeting, if you learned your team would like help with closing, find relevant topics to share. Make the next meeting a continuation of the last. Keep them involved by asking them to investigate sales bogs, educational webinars and other tools to bring into the sales meeting. If you invest in your team through continued education, sharing, and self-improvement, you will reap the rewards of a winning sales culture and bring home the gold.

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