How to Break Free

I remember the first time I went to the Circus. I was six years old. I was in awe of the sights and sounds, the acrobats performing death defying feats as the crowd gasped. The Tigers with their fierce growls and the Lippizon stallions as they pranced around the arena with regal majesty. My favorite part of the Circus was the Elephants, imagine being six years old how big they seemed to me. I loved watching the amazing feats of strength they would perform with ease.

After the Circus our Father would give us kids a choice, we could get a snow cone, popcorn, or an elephant ride. Well as you can imagine, I chose the elephant ride. As my Father and I traveled through the area where the elephants were kept, I notice they all had a rope tied to one ankle. I asked; "why do they have a rope on one ankle?' He replied, when they are baby elephants they are tied off with a rope, the babies are not yet big enough to break free, as they grow they never challenge the rope because they still believe they are not strong enough. This is why one small rope can hold them.

I believe some of us live with the same self-limiting beliefs. We may have messages in our brains that were there from our childhood, and as we did then, so we believe them now. Maybe we doubt our abilities; maybe we think we are not strong enough to handle life's challenges, or maybe we do not have enough self-confidence to achieve our dreams.

These are powerful messages that we must acknowledge, then let go. Believing in ourselves is the first step to living our dreams.

I would ask that you make a list of what you think is impossible, then I want you to think about what it would take to make the impossible- possible. We must challenge ourselves to grow. When we are uncomfortable, we are growing, and we can achieve things we never thought possible when we adopt this mindset.

Go after your dreams, if you have an internal dialogue that is not helping you reach your goals change the narrative. It may take 28 days of actively changing your internal dialogue, you may have to write down the positive thoughts each day, but I promise if you do, you will begin to see changes in your life, and you will break free from the rope of self-limiting beliefs.

Why is this important for sales? Eighty percent of sales success lies in having a positive mindset.

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