The Biggest Problem in Sales

A client recently came to me with a problem. She was unable to close sales. This is a big issue for a sales professional.

Assuming she was doing everything else correctly, I asked her how many prospects she had been contacting. She produced a huge list of candidates and said she had only made two sales from this list. I then asked how many times she had contacted each prospect.

She said she had contacted them repeatedly and had meetings with several, but still no sales. I asked if she had a record of each contact. She produced the record for each of the prospects. After reviewing each of these files, I asked: "how many times do you think you have reached out to each?"

She replied, At least 6-8 times. We went through the log together and found almost all of these prospects had been contacted 1-2 times at most. I shared with her it takes 5-8 touches on average in this crazy, busy world to connect with today's buyers. She was stunned to find she had only reached out 1-2 times; she said it felt like she was pestering them.

I asked her to try to reach out to each of these contacts in a different communication format and unique messaging 5-8 times and see what happens. It has been two months, and her sales have increased significantly.

Sometimes when connecting with prospects we think we are a pest when the reality is we have only tried 1-2 times.We assume they are not interested, but the truth is we are only one small part of their crazy, busy lives. Don't be repetitive, use unique messaging that provides value when reaching out. Do your homework with each person and be worthy of the conversation. If you put the work into prospecting, reap the rewards by following up. Give more value than you will receive, and you will never have to worry about being a pest.

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