5 Ways to Close the Knowing and Doing Gap in Sales

You know what you are supposed to do in sales. If you have been selling for any length of time, you know when you messed up. Why? Why do you know what to do, but when you are in the moment the plan evaporates in thin air? These five tips will help you the next time you get caught in the gap.

Make a Plan

Do you plan your sales process? Really? I am not just talking about a list; I am talking the entire process from the first touch to the close. I understand sales go sideways sometimes. I call it the Human Factor. You must have a plan, or you risk falling into the gap.

Do your Homework

How many details do you have before you connect? Have you taken the time to understand your buyer's world? What's top of mind for them today? Information is power, go out and power up your sales process.


Did you make a plan and practice the plan? The more you practice, the better you get. Everything you do improves with practice. Did you make a questions list - good questions, an agenda, next appointment, next steps?If you rehearse, whether in the mirror or with a trusted colleague you will go into your next sales encounter and sail through because you will know your stuff. You may even think better and develop a more compelling value prop.

Execute the Plan

If you are going to make a plan; Execute it! If you have to modify, do it, but follow the new and improved plan. Don't throw the plan out the window if things do not go like you thought they would.

Remember the Lesson, not the Mistake

When you do mess up, and by the way, so does everyone else. Remember the lesson, not the mistake. Thomas Edison once said:" I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Remember these tips when you experience the knowing and doing gap.

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