How to Battle the Biggest Enemy in Sales- The status quo

The biggest challenge in sales today is battling the status quo. Everyone is allergic to change, and the biggest fear is making a bad one! The following are some tips to remember when you are trying to move the status quo.

Gain Perspective

What are the challenges and the opportunities for making the change? If you think like the decision maker and involve the influencers surrounding this person you are more likely to address the silent concerns that are not readily apparent on the surface.Don't be afraid to introduce possible issues not called to attention. Better for you to bring them into the conversation, than someone else who may not have the answers.

Who has the Soft Influence?

Many organizations have individuals who have the ear of the decision maker and are not in a leadership position.Find out what you can about these people and finesse your presentation to include them.

Make Your Case

Why should they take the time, risk, expense and effort to make the change? Think about what they gain, lose, and how this impacts their overall position in the marketplace.Get creative and think outside the box.

Start Small

The smaller the risk, the more likely you will be to gain commitment. Try introducing a pilot program where the risk is minimal. If this works, schedule a date to implement the change. Get agreement on the entire package when introducing the pilot program.This way you do not have to sell the entire program twice.

Show your expertise

Social proof, client testimonials, and skills in the field are all ways to gain credibility. Sprinkle information throughout the conversation of other satisfied clients, their results, and offer to provide proof of your claims. Remember they are buying you as well as your solution. Reassure the decision maker with evidence to prove you are the right choice for their needs.

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