Why Your Dog has more Friends Than You

I have a dog. I found you can learn much from a dog. A dog wags it is tail more than it's tongue. We can learn from the life of a dog.

A dog listens. A dog does not interrupt, unless of course nature calls. In this case, it is perfectly acceptable for him to interrupt whatever is in progress.

A dog is engaged. Dogs are instantly enamored with any new person who comes along. They are sincerely interested and happy to meet anyone with no hidden agendas.

A dog is curious. Although it can be troublesome, a dog's curiosity compels it to want to examine unchartered territory and find whatever hidden treasure awaits. A dog is always up for trying new things.

A dog looks out for others. Dogs warn of possible threats and danger. They protect us from harm and are always looking, listening, learning and adapting from outside stimuli.

A dog is your friend, no matter what. Dogs like us even when we don't like ourselves. They sit patiently by our side and know when we are angry, sad, happy or lonely.

An old dog really can learn new tricks. Dogs never think they know it all. They continue to be able to learn throughout their lives.

A dog is playful. Dogs do not let the troubles of yesterday ruin today. Each day is a new adventure for a dog. Their mood is usually upbeat and playful.

A dog is persistent. Ever watch a dog try to get under the couch to get a ball? Bury a bone?

A dog is authentic. A dog is always its true self.

A dog is quick to forgive. Maybe your dog is not happy with you now. Go out your door and come in and watch the mood change.

A dog is well rounded. Want to live a satisfying life? One where you achieve your goals and still find balance? Learn from the life of a dog and put into practice some of life's lessons found in a dog.

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