What to Do When Buyers Go Dark

Often in the sales process, you do everything right, deliver to the buyer as promised and you reach out and hear........nothing. So why does this happen and what can you do about it?

The first thing you want to look at is the previous interactions, are there clues you did not catch? Did you ask the right questions? Did you ask the timeline in making the decision? Did you ask if they are looking at other options? Did you ask where they are in the process? Did you schedule the next contact, or appointment during the current meeting? Setting a future date in the present meeting will help in making sure the process moves forward. All these questions will help in uncovering the sense of urgency if they are in the beginning, middle, or end of the process, and if there are other options, they are reviewing.

If you did everything right and they still go dark, I suggest the following communications. If you have been trying to reach them, send an email asking if this is the best way to reach them? If no answer, follow up with a call. Still, no answer, forward the last email with a message asking if they have received this email. If several weeks have gone by, send a final email stating you have not

heard from them, so you will not be reaching out again, but thank them for the opportunity to serve them. Follow this up with a call as well.

Often buyers are just too busy to respond, or what may have been urgent at the time, takes a back burner to more urgent issues. If you follow this communication cadence and they are interested, they will most likely respond to the final email. If they don't, you will know whether they were serious, or just kicking the tires.

Examine what happened in the sales process, and look to see if there was some sign or clue to why they went dark, or if there is anything that may have changed the outcome. Know this, if you never get an answer, it is not your fault, move on to the next sale and leave this one at the bottom of your prospecting pile.


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