3 Ways to Provide Extraordinary Value

Let's face it, products today are seen as a commodity- right? When all else is equal, it comes down to price. Have you taken the time to look inside your buyer's world? How can you align your product to benefit them in a unique way? Take yourself out of the meat grinder of who's got the lowest price by offering value that separates you from the pack.

Ask Like you Mean It

Are you asking to move forward with the sale? What if it's as simple as helping them cut the P.O.? I often hear students say this is the only thing holding up a closed deal. Have you asked for the P.O? , or just assuming they know? If you are waiting for a P.O. try this messaging; "At this point, we usually get a purchase order, does this make sense to move forward?" " I know you are busy, is there anything I can do to help?"


Are you giving the buyer choices? Try designing your product with options. I suggest good, better, best options. If possible make the middle option the one you like the best. When people have options, the decision-making part of the brain is put to work, increasing the odds they will make a decision. Providing choices will set you apart from your competitors who are probably only giving one option - one price.

Make it Easy

How can you make your buyers life easier? Have you thought about what is most important to them? How can you position your offering to help with their biggest problem? Recruiting is a huge problem in most industries today. I had a student position their product to provide a temporary solution to the hiring issue. We designed a value statement that highlighted this problem, and suddenly people listened and wanted to know more! Eureka! Sales are booming!

Try these tips when positioning your offering. Think outside the box and offer unique ways to provide value. Try walking in your "could be" buyers shoes to discover your value.

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