How To Genuinely Persuade Others

Ever had a sales conversation end with a resounding no? You clearly saw the value in your offering and how it could benefit the buyer. The buyer, however, is conditioned to say no and has not listened or engaged because they are stuck on a point in their minds. This information is a guide to persuading others when there is a disconnect in the conversation. These suggestions will help to open the way to effective communication in an ethical, genuine way.

You're Right

Explain the situation from the buyer's viewpoint. Taking the customer's view of the situation shows you are actively listening and understand their feelings. Describing how they might have arrived at this conclusion is a gateway to understanding and opens the lines of communication.

Help Me to Serve Your Interests

Explain how your interests align with theirs. Show the buyer how your offering is a way to help them succeed. Develop a "help me to help you " way of serving others.

If we Agree, If we Disagree

Doubts drive deals. Bring to the surface the possible issues they may be having now and how these problems can be solved, or minimized by your offering. Your offering will be of greater value to the buyer when solving problems and can justify the decision to say yes.

Let Me Tell You a Story

Try saying these words the next time you need to get someone's attention. We love to hear stories. Stories humanize, entertain, are memorable and most importantly let us draw our own conclusions. When telling a story, make the narrative simple, no complex plots and characters. Memorize the story, be able to recite your story with emotion and clarity. Have a story ready that relates to the point you are trying to make.

The Power of Questions

The power of questions and active listening is key to understanding others. The one who asks the questions controls and shapes the direction of the conversation. Be humble, inquisitive, and caring when asking questions. When questions are challenging, structure them in a way to leave the other with dignity and respect. Never ask questions that pigeonhole the buyer into saying yes. This type of questioning is manipulative and will backfire on you, or at the very least leave an unfavorable

impression in the buyer's mind that can last for life.

Be genuine, generous and large in spirit. These are the most powerful tools of persuasion in sales and life.


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