Three Reasons Sales People Fail

Being in sales is like riding a rollercoaster, There are highs, lows, plateaus, and valleys. We sometimes do everything right and make the deal, other times the stars do not align, and we miss our mark by just an inch. What if there was a way you could hit the target more often? Let's explore three reasons for faltering in sales.

Most salespeople do not plan before they go on a sales encounter. Failing to plan is like planning to fail. When you plan sales, they are more likely to go in the right direction.

Salespeople do not ask enough questions. Think about the type of questions to ask and ask them throughout the sales process. Some questions provide information beneficial for you. For instance, when do you plan to make a decision? If you ask enough good questions, you will find you will have fewer objections as well. You can prepare for objections before they occur. How cool is that?

So why ask questions if you already know the answer? Assumptions. I am sure you know what assumptions can do. Salespeople who make assumptions are often surprised when they are wrong. The most common assumptions are " they just changed vendors, they will not be interested." The boss is new; she will not be ready to make a change" and " they will not change, they are with the competition, and they are cheaper."

While all of these things might be true, we will never know until we try. More often than not you might just be pleasantly surprised. Think about this; "what's the worst that can happen?" They might say no to you. If they do, it is on to the next challenge. Be a warrior in your sales, prepare, ask the right questions, and make more sales.

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