The Secret to Successful Sales

Discover the magic bullet to make your sales successful!

Wouldn't it be great to have a magic bullet to improve sales? However great that might be, it's not that easy. The magic bullet is formed when time and energy are combined in an effort to improve the skill.

If I were asked to name one thing to improve quality and quantity of sales, I would say:

Ask good questions and listen to the feedback from the “could be” buyer. If you ask strategic questions you will learn about the buyer's world. Asking the right questions can help to uncover the "could be" buyers wants and needs. If you don’t know about the buyer’s wants or needs you cannot begin to meet them.

All buyer needs are not the same

All sales are not the same. In sales it is easy to think;" I sell the same things to basically the same type of business so the needs are most likely the same." This is a common mistake among new and experienced sales professionals. All buyer needs are not the same, in sales we must look at every sale as unique with potentially different wants and needs. Presuming that you know what the buyer needs is - well presumptuous.

Preparing for the meeting in advance

Know what you will say before you say it. If you prepare strategic questions before you meet your “could be” buyer the meeting will be more productive for both, and will most likely achieve the call objective. Does this mean you should follow a script? NO, the sale will advance at the speed the buyer is willing to travel. Questions that are relevant to the buyer will help to advance the sale, and provide structure. An informal agenda with topics can be sent in e mail. Ask the buyer if there is a topic they would like to add to the agenda. The buyer will appreciate your attention to detail, and the fact you asked for their input. If the buyer asked for a meeting, do not send an agenda-have questions ready to ask and listen for feedback.

All buyers are not the same

Even the best laid plans are sometimes squashed by life. If having an agenda doesn’t fit in your sales arena, don’t worry - more than once I recall having an agenda with topics for discussion, only to have the buyer interject with a topic completely different from what I expected for 3/4 of the meeting and state at the end, I’m sold - sign me up. We are all uniquely different which is a wonderful thing; it would be a boring world if we were all the same, wouldn’t it?

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