The Psychology of Sales

Why Do People Buy?

Understanding and relating to your customers needs is the cornerstone of good selling. People want to be understood and being able to relate on a social level will increase your chance of making the sale. After all, if you were in a foreign country where they only speak their language, would you speak their language, or yours?

People you Know, Like and Trust

According to this principle , we are more likely to say yes if we like the person who is selling it. This is why many celebrities are used to endorse brands. Think of all the fans that will buy because they adore the person endorsing a product. If you cannot afford a celebrity, try telling a personal story on your "about us" section of your web page. This will give you authenticity and a more personal touch.

Principle of Giving

According to this principle , if you receive a gift, you feel compelled to give back. Often the consumer will buy something because they were given a free sample. Giving a free gift to someone when they purchase has a two fold effect. They are pleased with getting it, and they often feel compelled to buy more as a result of receiving it.


People are quite involved in their own lives and very rarely take the time to compliment someone else. To compliment your buyer has the effect of endearing your buyer to you. I wouldn't go over board, but doesn't everyone love to get a compliment when it is sincere?

Staying Relevant

Stay in front of your buyer through e mail, voice mail, newsletters, and any other means you can. Do not spam them, nobody likes a ton of junk mail. They will send you to spam land if you are not careful. Be measured about the time , content, and value of the messaging. If I receive information I can use in my world, that is relevant.

Social Proof

We are all social creatures. We often look to what others are saying and doing before we make a decision on buying. This is why client testimonials are so powerful. In todays sales climate video testimonials have become very popular. A satisfied customer has 10X the impact of selling your product , or service than you do yourself. Try these techniques to increase your awareness, likability, and originality in todays sales landscape.

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