How to Take out the Trash in your Head

How to Take out the Trash in your Head

how limiting self-beliefs can limit your sales

In sales, we can be our worst enemy. The limiting self-beliefs we carry can turn into actual real life outcomes.

"If you believe you can - you will. If you believe you can't- you won't, either way, you're right."- Henry Ford. The following is a guide to help you take the trash out.

Think Positive - Think positive even in the face of negativity. In life, there are times when we can't control words, actions, or outcomes, however, we can control how we choose to react to them. Don't let negative external situations get into your head. When you catch yourself talking trash in your head, pause - take control of the narrative, and change the story.

What you Learned from Childhood - I have coached sales professionals that are saddled with perceptions of the world created in childhood. One common issue is selling value over price. When selling a product, or service they may consider the price too high due to living in a world of scarcity. They were told in childhood everything was too expensive, as a result, they cannot convincingly sell anything they feel is priced too high. This happens even though the customer has no price objection. I teach salespeople price is only an issue in the absence of value. I teach them to focus on the value.

Challenging Situations - Sometimes customers will inspire you, or not. The sales professional able to meet the challenges of sales like cold calling, and objection handling, and not shy away from them will win more often.

Self Confidence vs. Arrogance - The sales profession requires a certain amount of self-confidence to develop trust, build rapport, and develop strong selling skills. There is no room for uncertainty in the sales process. I teach salespeople to envision their success with no room for failure.

These are a few of the self-limiting beliefs that hold sales professionals back from the brink of success. My goal is to change the voice and help take out the trash to clear the way for success.

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