The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

The 8 Secrets to Bringing out the Best You Today

1.) Stop practicing the art of “Blame Displacement.”

Blame Displacement: To blame anyone, anything, or any circumstance instead of taking personal responsibility for your actions. We are all presented with challenges and problems in life. Some will find a way to deal effectively with these issues, others will stand in the quagmire of blame displacement. If you take 100% responsibility for your life, then you can change it for the better.

2.) Change Your Internal Belief System

Listen to your self talk. What do you believe is true about yourself? We all come from various backgrounds and belief systems. Some solid, some not so much, if you have negative self talk, start practicing the art of positive self talk. Before you go out and rule the world tell your self you can. Celebrate even the small wins and start creating a new you.

3.) The Sky is the Limit - No, Really it is.

Do you think you are capable of getting what you want? Your mind will decide the matter. This is why limiting self behaviors can be devastating to your goals. "If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t." - Henry Ford

4.) Bring the Best of You, Everywhere you Go

Bring your best self to your life. How do you do this? Start thinking about other people and ways you can brighten their day. If you are not ready to volunteer, that’s o.k. Start by giving some positive feedback to others. You will not have room for negative self talk and people will respond in kind. What a great way to live - Right?

5.) Do What You Say, When You Say

Hold yourself accountable. Be on time and complete tasks when you say you will. Very few people do this consistently, but we all have internal radar that tells us we are inconsistent. It feels good when you achieve your tasks on time, and gives others a positive reflection of you.- Good Stuff!

6.) Make Good Choices

Life is about choices. Everything we do, say, create, destroy, and choose to be. Think about it. We have made a choice somewhere along the way. Sometimes bad things happen, I get that, but we decide how we will handle those challenges. Think about your personal choices in life and know it is never too late to change them.

7.) Be Brave- Step outside your Comfort Zone

Often when I teach students about goal setting in sales, the most difficult part of reaching these goals is cold calling. Most are not very good at facing the dragon. Amazingly, when they discover the worst that can happen is the person on the other end may say no, usually in a polite way, they examine the worst and find it is really not so bad. They have to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals. Life is a reflection of this. If you want change in your life you may have to endure a little pain to get the gain. But so what? Pain is temporary.

8.) Be Balanced

When you set out to achieve your goals remember to be balanced. If you only focus on the prize other parts of your life will suffer. Give attention to the other areas of your life as well. A garden with no water will wither and die. Don’t attack your goals with such ferocity that you forget the reasons you wanted them to begin with.

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