What's Love Got to Do with it? Sales That is...

July 23, 2016

What’s Love Got to Do with it? Sales and Emotions


Part III of a V Part Series


“What’s Love got to do with it? It's a worn out old emotion.” these words are part of a song Tina Turner made famous.


Well, what does love have to do with it? - In sales, quite a bit as it turns out.

For most of us, these were the best of times, and the worst.

  • The first time you rode your bike down the sidewalk.

  • The first time you sat behind the wheel of a car alone.

  • Your first date.

  • Your first place.

  • The birth of your child.


Where were you on 9/11?



All of these events trigger emotion in each of us that we remember for a lifetime. Sales triggers emotion as well.

Buyer emotion can trigger sales that are often later justified by rationalization. If you think about buyer motivations, it is all about emotions.


Ease of Use


The society we live in today is moving faster and has a greater number of distractions than any other time in history. We live with our electronic devices attached to our ears, or worn somewhere on our bodies at all times. Some people leave their phones by their bed, so they don’t miss a text , e mail, or call. We are stressed out from the constant barrage of advertising screaming to get our attention and our careers are more demanding than ever.  I think the rest we do to ourselves. The end result of this stress is a strong desire to have less stress and more time. In some cases, time is worth more than money. If you can provide a “set it and forget it solution” someone is probably willing to pay more for it.




If the plumbing is leaking, you get someone to your home stat. If your car breaks down, you pay to fix it. If bugs infest your home you get someone to your home fast. These are examples of situations that compel buyers to act quickly. If the stock market drops 700 points in a day, we are rushing to get our money out fast.




If we get a new car, it give us a sense of satisfaction. If it is a luxury vehicle, we may feel a sense of pride as well. A new home may leave us feeling gratified. Clothes, shoes, art, and travel are often purchased because they make us "feel" good.

All of these buyer motivations are rooted in emotion. Sometimes we buy because it “feels” right. We trust our instincts on major and minor purchases.

Understanding what motivates your buyer and designing a solution based upon that need, may be the key to having your next client fall in love with you.