How to Make Closing Easy

Part I of IV Part Series

How to Sell and Win in Todays Sales Landscape

For many people, these are the four most difficult parts of sales.

  1. Cold calling

  2. Asking for the Sale

  3. Handling Resistance

  4. Closing the Deal

Today we will focus on closing the deal. The following are some ways to increase the chances you will close the deal.

  1. Pre Call Research-

If your customer has googled your business, your competitors, and maybe even you, why haven’t you done the same? It takes about five minutes and can be done in the parking lot between your sales calls. It should not be done this way, however I always hear “I don’t have time” I say, “ make the time, this is the one the most basic, yet overlooked parts of the sales process.

2. Focus on The Customer-

If you don’t know the customers needs how will you sell them anything? Learn from them. They want your help and advice, but only if it makes sense to them. Get to know the customer and the challenges they face in their industry.

3. Know your product, Sell the Results-

The customer does not want to hear what a great product you have to offer at such a great value. They want to hear “why they should buy it”. What’s in it for them? What results will your product give them that will help them in their daily lives.

4. Add More Value-

Adding more value takes additional time to investigate and know their needs. Sales professionals that take the time are referred to by their clients as “industry experts” rather than that sales person.

5. Evaluate The Selling Landscape-

Ask the questions that will let you know where they are at in the buying process. Questions like:

1.Have you just begun the process?

2.What stage are you in the decision making process?

3. Have you gotten multiple bids? hint: ( never ask who, you are giving you competitors free air time)

4. What is most important in this decision? hint" if they say cost, not always the case- are you talking to the right person?

5."What is your timeline for making the decision?"

6. Are there others involved in the decision making process?

7. Can we schedule a meeting with them as well?

8. Recap for the customer-"I am asking these questions so I can provide you with the best possible information for you to evaluate and make the best decision."

6. Let Buying be more Important than Selling-

Asking what their needs are and thinking of how you can meet and exceed their expectations is more important than telling them how great your product or service is in meeting their needs.

7. Get to Know the Team-

Ever have a sales meeting where you got the feeling you were not speaking to the decision maker? One person is usually not the only person in the decision making process. The higher the price, the more likely this is true. Don’t let your fate rest in the hands of one individual. Meet several people in the organization. Ask who else might be influential in the decision. Last, but far from least, be nice to everyone. Treat them all the same. The administrative assistant that makes the appointment might just be the CEO’s daughter.

8. Don’t Focus on the Close-

It is difficult not to focus on the close. It is the natural progression of all of the hard work you have done. However, you can kill the sale by prematurely trying to close. By taking the stance of educator, credible advisor, or industry expert, you will take the pressure off both the customer and you. Stage the environment to work together as a team to solve problems, or improve existing business plans. The close will happen eventually. That’s when it is time to say , “ Ready to start?” Lets’ get together and schedule the kick off call. I can’t wait to implement the ideas we came up with together.”

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Nan Hruby, HNH Sales Consulting

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