Why Cold Calling will always be More Effective than Technology

Why Cold Calling is NOT Dead, and it is not a Sleazy, Salesy “Thing” to Do Either

There are some sales people who just shouldn’t be. They try to attract their potential prospects with a string of e mail blast, a nuisance for those of us that don’t have good spam filters. They flitter away all day devising new tools for prospecting at their computers in hopes this will replace cold calling.

Wake up people! Face to face interaction always has and will always be the most effective form of selling. It is considered politically incorrect in some circles, however, it has made companies and their top performers wildly successful since the beginning of time - that is for those who “know” how to do it. I have seen in recent months a string of e mails stated “never cold call again”, “make money from effective e mail campaigns”, etc.

All the while, the hard working sales professionals are out on the road with the kahunas to walk past the “no solicitors” signs making the revenue happen. Yes, there is a myth that cold calling is dead, but it is hard to believe for those with a highly productive yield of sales, shorter sales cycles, and still able to golf on Friday afternoons. You know who you are, the 3% of the sales force that knows, while all of the technology is useful to a point, good old fashion “door knocking” gets sales through the pipeline in record time and makes a group of real friends in the process.

By the way, those of you with “no solictors” signs on your business front door, and sales people on staff in your business. Don’t be a hypocrite, “ Take down the sign.” Any questions, or comments?

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