Why the Way you Sell, is more Important than What you Sell

Why Learning your Prospects

Communication Style is So Important

Why is it important to know how you and your prospect will communicate? It is used in hiring, talked about in sales training, and presented in many different formats. Typically personality profiles concentrate on the learning styles, strengths and weakness of the sales team. These personality / learner profiles only tell half of the story, correct?

In sales, the prospect is the most important person in the room, shouldn’t we know all we can about the prospects communication style? If an amiable is selling to a driver, they will have a difficult time discovering their needs, developing trust, and overall communications will be stressful if they do not know the drivers communication style. Someone will walk out feeling frustrated - lets hope it’s the sales person.

By knowing the different communication styles, sales professionals can gain prospects trust and respect, and will increase the chance to earn their business. So what are the most common types of personalities? The following is a brief description. Keep in mind, most people are a blend of these, however tend to lean more toward one type of learning style.

  • Amiable-

The amiable likes security, loyalty, and is risk adverse.

  • Driver-

The driver is typically dominant, controlling, impatient and wants to get down to business now.

  • Expressive-

The expressive is playful, friendly, and has no problem reaching out. They tend to make decisions weighted more on their feelings.

  • Analytical

The analytical is concise, facts based, organized and like to see “the numbers”. Typically they do not show much emotion.

It takes time and energy to adapt and flex your presentation based on these different communication styles. However, it is far more effective to communicate in a way the prospect is comfortable learning, and is effective in taking down defenses, building trust, and delivering information in a more impactful and memorable way.

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