How to Be One of the 3% Top Sales Professionals

How to Reach the Elite Top 3% of Sales Professionals

The following is a summary of 10 traits to attain sales greatness. Many studies for sales performance have been done in recent years and the same number comes up time and time again. The top performers in any sales industry comprise 3% of the sales force. That’s 3 out of 100 people. Think about that for a moment: if you are in management, especially the next time your top performer feels under appreciated.

1.Don’t rely on the Approval of Others

Here is the problem with looking for approval from others. They are usually the other 97% and are rarely interested in helping you achieve greatness. This is your journey alone.

2. Be Diligent in your Goals, and Reach Beyond what you think you can do

Setting goals and writing them down hold most of us accountable. If you reach beyond those numbers a funny thing happens.You continue to refine your sales process,and like sand over glass the process will be smooth. You will blow past your goals because you are on your way to greatness.

3. Be Excellent, Keep Improving

Any profession that generates the same income as sales, is expected to continue lifelong learning through continued education. Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, etc. Why should you be any different? Get your hands on any reading materials for improving your sales process and start reading today. No time? Make time.

4. When You are Excellent , Find Someone to Replace you

Whether you are an entrepreneur, or not, once you have attained excellence, you will want the next step in achievement. This may mean sales leadership, or hiring people in your business, depending on your situation.

5. Be Confident

Confidence is a funny thing. It comes across in every move you make. The way you speak, your body language, the tone of your voice, and your actions. Confidence can be confused with arrogance. When you display confidence,openness to others, and a willingness to help,your competence will show as well. These are the traits others gravitate to, and trust with their business.

6. Repeat, Refine, Repeat

Think of the first time you climbed on your bike. Did you take right off and fall to the ground? Most of us did. What did you do next? Did you get back on that bike until you rode it smoothly down the side walk? Most of us did. Try the same theory in every area of your sales process, including “cold calling”.

7. Give Others What they Want

Sometimes we listen to our customers, only to discover what they want is not actually what they need. Henry Ford said: “If I asked the people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. Finding the right solutions for your client by thinking outside the box will establish a stream of credibility and referrals.

8. Be Fearless

Knowing how to harness fear into adrenaline pumping performance has been the secret to some of the best speakers in the world. When you harness your fear and channel it, the fear turns into great performance and gives you the “magic dust” to shine.

9. Have a Strategy

Have a sales strategy. Set goals and objectives and map out how you will reach them. They should be greater than any goals that are set for you. While you may be under the employment of a company, you are in charge of your destiny. The sad truth is you cannot rely on others for your success, you must make a plan to achieve it yourself.

10. Be a Lion

What are the traits of a Lion? They are fearless, dominant, confident, and beautiful. Be these things through refining, educating, practicing, and harnessing your fear . If you follow these steps you can reach elite sales professional status. What else do we know about Lions? They are at the top of the food chain.

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