How to Graduate from Sales Person to Credible Advisor

I recently received a call from a potential new customer seeking services. In speaking with the customer, I started the conversation with the usual friendly, rapport building banter. (I had my phone available and had googled him while I was asking about the snow.) The conversation turned to what I hoped to learn about the business in order to better meet their needs and provide value.

I asked what prompted the call, and if we could set a time to meet to further discuss the pain they were experiencing and see if we can together discover their needs and develop a plan that will result in success and providing value.

He was stunned, he said I was the only person he had spoke with that day that asked what their needs are. He said everyone else started to talk about their product and why they were the best choice for their needs. How do they know that if they don’t even know what their needs are?

We now have an appointment to discover the needs, I will then design a solution and if the buyer agrees, together we will implement the solution to meet their needs and provide value.

This collaborative selling at it’s finest. The 5 Phase Sales Technique learned by sales professionals at HNH Sales Consulting results in more sales, in less time. It gives the customer a chance to partner and the sales person becomes a credible advisor that provides meaningful advice, not a sales person that pushes their product or service.

If you want to learn more contact HNH Sales Consulting for a consultation of you sales needs. Let work together to up your sales and make them the credible advisors that promote your business.

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