How to Let Your Inner Lion "Roar"

How to Let the Inner Lion “Roar”

A Guide to Handling the Fear of Sales Rejection

For some sales people, the thought of cold calling causing ice water to run through their veins. The fear of rejection can keep salespeople in their seats, off the phone , and deny them the possible “yes” from their prospects because they are too afraid to ask for the sale. The following is a guide to help deal with these emotional potholes. Don’t let the fear of rejection keep you in neutral and on the side lines of sales.

Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

When you are making those calls, what is running through your mind at that moment? Are you thinking about how you will be rejected? Next time think about what has to happen next in the sales cycle. Better yet visualize you have made this sale.

Know the Average Sales Ratio

Did you know sales people that close 30% of their prospects are considered elite athletes in the world of sales. That is 3 out of every 10 calls. Try to make those 10 calls, and by the tenth call you just might have the appointment. Don’t give up after 2 or 3 calls. This is the number of attempts made before 80% of sales people quit cold calling.

Set Your Own Goals

If you are in a sales position where you have a quota, set your own goals. Make them higher than the quota that is set for you. This does two things. It puts you in control of your performance, and makes you accountable to yourself. There is something about writing it down that makes us “own” it.

Don’t Take It Personally

The longer you are in sales, the better you will become at reading peoples emotions. Sometimes the negative vibes you feel have nothing to do with you.They may be in a very stressful situation and the best you can do is ask if it is a good time, and have empathy for them. Actually studies suggest being rejected in the sales process rarely has anything to do with the sales person, or the product, or service.

Research Your New Client

Google your new prospect. Find out as much as possible about their personal and professional lives. Some of the information will help to “break the ice” in that first meeting. The bonus is you might just uncover a need as well. Be creative , look at their competition and know what challenges your new client might be facing before you connect.

Schedule A Date with your New Client

Schedule a day and time for cold calling. It is the holding yourself accountable thing. If you do not hold yourself to a schedule for calling. There is a very good chance you will not do it at all. My cold calling day is Tuesday mornings. If you want to know why , you have to ask me.

Collaborate, (Not Commiserate) with Other Sales Professionals

There is strength in numbers. Find other people you can speak with and find out what works for them. By gathering this information, you can jump ahead “light years” in the sales process. The advanced sales professionals have much to offer. Consider them “subject matter experts” and glean all the information you can.

Celebrate Your Wins

Sales can be analogous to golf. You can complain about the crappy shots, or you can celebrate the good shots. You are not going to win every sale. You will face rejection, and you will have to hop back into the saddle and do it all over again. If it was easy everyone would do it, and be good at it. Be persistent,”no” is not “no” until they say it, challenge yourself, visualize the win, and don’t give up. That is how you let the inner Lion ROAR inside of you.

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