What to do when a "Red Hot Deal" goes cold

“What Happens When you Reel it in, the Fish hits the dock, then flips back into the Water?”

How to Salvage a “Red Hot” Deal Gone Cold

Ever have a deal that is just about signed, everyone agrees, one more thing to do, then silence. They don’t return your phone calls, e mail stays in cyberspace, and when you call, they are in the meeting that never ends. The following are some ways to help breath life into a dead deal. What have you got to lose?

Put a Date to your Follow up Call.

If they are not returning your calls, make a point of giving them a date and time you will be calling next. Let them know unless you hear otherwise, you will consider it confirmed. If you get them, great! If not, it doesn’t hurt to stop by just to drop off materials.

Get More People Involved

Sales people tend to stay with one point of contact, involve another person in the decision making process that is higher up in the organization.

Remind them of the Trigger that started the conversation.

Sometimes they just need to be reminded of why this was a good idea to begin with.

Have Empathy

Maybe they are just too busy to call you back. If this is the case have empathy with their lack of response as a sign that you respect their time and, apologize because you understand they must be working hard. A little empathy with an overworked person goes along way.

Try a Last Ditch e Mail

Involve all parties in the e mail, and make it fun. Ask when you can deliver those two Corvettes you ordered delivered for the next meeting. Let them know you are driving around them and want to get them out of your driveway, vroom, vroom!

Like I said, if they have not responded after several weeks, this may be the kind of fun e mail, that just might get a response. What’s the worst that can happen? They say, “not at this time” well at least you can move on to the next prospect now that you have an answer.

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