"Sunday Night Blues" A Real Anxiety

“Suffering from Sunday Night Anxiety about Monday Morning?”

Ways to cope with the “Sunday Work Blues”

How many people start to worry about Monday morning on Sunday at about 4 p.m.? According to a poll from monster.com a whopping 78% of Americans have this anxiety, with 59% describing it as acute. This problem is very common, and can be preventable. The following is a list of tips to help handle this anxiety and bringing more joy to the weekend.

Relax & Distract

Focusing on the stress will only intensify the worries. Find a hobby, or some Sunday activity to distract from these thoughts. Anxiety can be paralyzing, if you let it.

Write it Down

Writing your feelings down on paper has a cathartic effect. It allows the feelings to go somewhere. While writing things down that are causing anxiety, start trying to uncover ways to resolve these issues.


No cell phone, no laptop, just me time to relax and enjoy whatever you choose.

Schedule a Ritual

Make Sunday a day to look forward to. Join a club, find a favorite TV show, allow yourself some indulgence you can look forward to all week. Sunday rituals can be a distraction from worrying about Mondays.

Prepare on Friday afternoon for Monday morning

Do as much as possible on Friday afternoon to prepare for Monday morning. Whatever you can do to organize will help relieve stress when you walk in Monday morning.


Exercise increases endorphins and other mood elevators. It also relieves stress and is just good for you overall.

Make Healthy Choices

Maybe that cocktail or two sounds like a good idea for relieving stress and relaxing you, however alcohol has been know to interrupt sleep patterns. Try some decaf herbal tea with your favorite cookie instead. The calories are about the same either way.

Let Go and Live

Life is too short to borrow tomorrow’s worries today. Imagine what the worst case scenario is waiting for you Monday morning. Is a T Rex going to come out of the wall and eat you head first? There is a good chance that’s not happening. The point is most worries are brought to life in our minds by imagined threats. If you can live with the worst that can happen, move on and forget about it. The last I checked, worrying about the possibility of future events did not change them one little bit.

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