How Thinking Positive will change your Life for the Better

How to Become More Positive and Change your Life

The following is a list of ways to become more positive in your life. We often react with the thought that life happens to us. Unaware we can control how life happens to us by our responses. In the world of selling, there are many ups and downs. If you do not maintain a positive attitude you will most likely fail. Positivity is the single most important attribute you can practice in improving your sales, or any career. It does wonders for your personal life as well.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude-

Be grateful to all of the blessings you have, focus your energy on the good, celebrate your successes, and leave the negative behind.

See it, Believe it-

Negative self talk is the most destructive aspect of our lives. It can influence outcomes with self doubts. The next time you walk into a presentation, or important meeting, visualize your success. Demand nothing less than a successful outcome. Do not let negativity creep into your thoughts. Mentally act as if you have already achieved your goal.

Share, Give, Be Helpful-

Taking the emphasis off you can do wonders for negativity. The mind will not allow you to perform positive acts and have a negative self. Share your knowledge with others, be helpful when you see someone in need. Little things add up, and you will start to see a difference in the way you view the world, and how they view you.

Reflect, Relax-

It is productive to review what went wrong when you fail to achieve your goals. You can learn by examining what you may have done differently. However, then it is time to let it go. If not, it can become a repeating pattern in your mind. When you are faced with a high anxiety moment, relax, whats the worst that can happen? Trust me, If you say this to yourself, it is a reality check, and calms you down.

Find the Opportunity in every Challenge-

I spoke to a business owner who was very upset. They had a pizza shop, and six months later another pizza shop went up across the street. This was a franchise with a large advertising budget for commercials, radio, billboards, etc. I told him, “great!” He looked sternly at me, then stated “how is that?”I said everyone who goes there will know your pizza is right across the street. This is an awareness campaign for you! If you have really great food, they may decide the want the real thing, not a franchise. He just had to find the opportunity inside his challenge.

Surround Yourself with Positive People-

Lets be real, we all have days when we want to vent, and it is usually not positive. However there are those people who always want to vent. It is as if there is a little dark cloud around their heads that never leaves. These people can be co-workers, friends, family, etc. Limit the time you spend with them. They can suck you in.

Practice Makes Perfect-

My guess is nobody does everything perfect. Especially the first time. Practice the areas of your life you would like to improve, find a mentor who is good, and can help you through the rough spots. I promise if you practice enough , you will get better. It is much better to have tried, and practiced, than to always believe ,“I suck at this” and never really try.

Don’t Measure Yourself By Others-

If only: I had her looks, his car, their house. Stop, this is one the most destructive forms of negative self talk.The problem with this kind of thinking is people who think this way will never find happiness, no matter what they attain in life. Go back to the section on “ Attitude of Gratitude” and do some reflection.

Educate Yourself-

Want to do something better? Educate yourself. The most successful people in the world read 1-3 books per week or more. Learning opens up the world to all kinds of possibilities. No time to read, try blogs, webinars, etc. It doesn’t have to be the book “War and Peace” just read something.

If you already think this way, congratulations! If not, those who choose to practice these mental exercises, will find their life will change for the better, I totally promise.

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