They Say, You Say, A Guide to Handling Objections

They Say, You Say”

A Guide for Handling Objections

The following are a list of common objections heard in the sales process. Most sales people go away after the first, or second objection. This guide may help the next time you hear one of these common phrases from your prospects.

They Say - “ I just can’t afford it right now”

You Say - Maybe we can break the cost into a payment plan.

You Say - Are there some options you could do without? Maybe we can take those off the price and see where we are after that.

You Say - There are several ways to save you money, have you thought about the discount if you go with the annual plan?

They Say - “I am not sure I’m ready to make that decision, get back with me in six months”

You Say - “ Let’s talk about this, there is the savings of $40,000 per year, along with the increased automation, creating a savings in labor costs. That’s close to $60,000 a year. ( fill in the blank) Wouldn’t you like to put those dollars to work in the company today?

They Say - “We’re Happy with our current vendor”

You Say - I understand, I have vendors I really like as well. Tell me more about yours, what do you like the most, and what one thing would you change if you had an opportunity? Can we meet to see if the opportunity presents, we might have a chance to meet that need?

Hopefully this guide will help you the next time you encounter one of these common objections in your sales process.

Happy Selling!

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