When to Say "When", A Guide to Letting Go of Losers

Letting Go of Losers, How they Clog your Sales Pipeline

Ever have a prospect that hangs around like the massive burger you ate three days ago? Clogging your sales pipeline by taking precious time you could be spending on prospects that will buy?

We all know breaking up is hard to do, however you are in this game to make it happen, so don’t let people willing to take all of your time, but never buy, be part of the game.

The following is a guide to putting these inactive prospects in your rear view mirror.

These prospects often look so close, but are always just beyond your reach.The excuses are endless, maybe they will decide next week, have to check the budget, still looking at the numbers, etc. Time management is a crucial element of the sales process, and these prospects can be time suckers.

So the question becomes “how long you are willing to keep up the chase to get the sale?”

You have followed all the steps in the sales process: done your research, uncovered their needs, told a compelling story, removed any doubts, and developed the ideal solution for their company's needs. Every time you call on this prospect it seems they are so close to making the commitment, but something, or (someone) is standing in the way. The following are some tips to help you advance the sale, or cut ties and make better use of your valuable time.

1. Are they a qualified buyer? Some middle management types will lead you to believe they are the decision maker when in fact, they are not.

2. How many times have you had contact? It can take 5-8 calls to get a commitment. In some cases, even longer, depending on the type of sale.

3. Have you followed and completed the sales cycle?

4. Have you developed the ideal solution to meet their companies needs?

5. Have you removed any doubts by asking questions, and providing client testimonials?

6. Have you identified the costs associated with inactivity-time, money, etc?

7. Have you established a timeline, when they will decide?

Your time is valuable, ask for a date when they will be making the decision and hold them to it. Putting a date to a decision makes it hard to escape.

If they do not commit, maybe it is time to move on, and put them at the bottom of your prospect pile.

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