Tick-tock,Tick-tock, How to Make Your 2016 Rock!

Tick-tock,Tick-tock, How to Make Your 2016 Rock!

Some salespeople struggle with good organizational skills and effective time management. Yet without organization, your sales are like a boat without a rudder in the ocean, bobbing around with no direction and no predictable outcome. Disorganized sales in practice can be frustrating for managers, customers, and detrimental to sales overall. We all want to be good in our careers, right? Take a few minutes and make a sales priority list. Assign priorities to the most important items. The following are suggestions for being more effective in your days, weeks, and months to come.

Pre Call Planning

Know your prospect target list and research them. Have a plan for how you will succeed in meeting these decision makers and making these sales happen!

Water Cooler Time

We all have acquaintances at work. Some are inclined to spend the first half of Monday updating you on the details of their weekend, and the second half complaining about not making quota. Stay away from these people, they would love some company to suffer with them, be brief and professional in your encounters, then move on to your priorities.

Have A Sales Process

You must have a sales process. The HNH “five phase” sales process has been shown to be effective. The following is the “five phase” sales process: research, rapport, discovery, present solution, close - repeat.These are stepping stones to a successful sales career.

Repeat, Refine, Repeat

Cold calls are your first impression. All the more reason to make sure you get it right. Before you send an e mail, read it aloud, if it sounds clunky, restructure it. If you are meeting someone, rehearse what you will say and research their company and whatever else you can before the meeting. If you are phone prospecting, rehearse and write down what your will say before you pick up the phone. Repeat, refine, repeat until it is sounds natural.

Assign Days and Times

Assign days for certain tasks. We all know you will have to be flexible in your designated days, but it is a step in the right direction. One day should be dedicated to new business generation, a day for CRM input and catch up, a day for followup in your sales cycle prospects, a day for administrative duties, etc.

Follow a Sales Cycle

Have a sales cycle and follow it. Have your target leads in this cycle and know where they are in the process. This does not guarantee sales, but does increase the likelihood that you will follow up in timely manner and take the necessary steps to move the ball forward and close more sales. This will also give your manager an idea of where you are in the sales process and help to predict better sales forecasting.

Schedule It

Schedule your hours, days, weeks, months, in advance. Start when you get up, and continue the process throughout the day. The increase in your productivity will show. You may not always be able to keep to the schedule, but overall you will see gains in productivity.

Schedule “Me Time”

Time to catch up on that never ending list of things to do, that always gets rotated to the bottom of the pile.


A disorganized desk, home, car, etc, can be a big distraction. Take a few hours to clean your car, office and home. You will feel better, more organized and be able to think more clearly when you have a clean slate to work on.

Remember your Priorities

Family is important, if you can organize your work life, family can benefit from the same. If you don’t have family around, take time for you and those you are closest to, even if it’s “Fluffy” or “Fido.”They need you as well.

Self Educate

If your company supports continuing education, take advantage of this benefit, if not, invest in yourself. Read as much as possible, attend conferences and seminars. Look at successful sales professionals, and discover what makes them great. Believe you will succeed, visualize it, if you don’t believe in you, neither will your customers.

Stay Positive

Sales can be difficult, handling objections, and hearing the no’s, can be a downer. But you can also learn from these moments, and do it better next time. Studies have shown optimistic sales professionals sell up to 50% more than their counterparts. All things being equal, they outsell sales people that score higher in sales aptitude overall. Make being optimistic about setbacks, learning from them, and forging ahead one of your 2016 goals.


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