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Founder, CEO

Nan Hruby is the CEO and Founder of HNH Sales Training & Consulting located in Gilbert, Arizona. Her journey began to develop as she graduated from a highly successful business university, Northwood University, Michigan with a Major in Business and continued her education and graduated from Florida State University, Professional Sales Program and is certified in Critical Selling Skills by Janek Performance Group. Nan is teaching salespeople from all industries in selling techniques that increase sales. She has been teaching in the Gilbert, Arizona area and has been a speaker and a teacher in colleges, sharing her experience in sales and sharing proven techniques. Developing her techniques as a sales professional, Nan has an accomplished background in both healthcare and real estate sales which created millions of dollars in revenues with large contracts and countless sales in properties year after year. 


Experienced in selling a variety of products and services of differing natures and all personalities, Nan has a well-rounded skill set that proves as an undeniable talent for teaching others. The experience built from the following:


  • Northwood University Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Florida State University Professional Sales Program

  • Janek Performance Group Critical Selling Skills Certificate

  • National Association of Realtors( past member)

  • Accredited Buyers Agency for Real Estate

  • Multi-Million Dollar and Million Dollar Sales in Real Estate 1997- 2007

  • Published in NASP (National Association for Sales Professionals)

  • 25 years in Healthcare Sales at Covenant Healthcare

  • Regular Contributor to Linkedin Pulse

  • Member National Association for Sales Professionals (NASP)

  • Member of Gilbert and Midland Chamber of Commerce

  • Currently writing a book on Sales Techniques



HNH Sales Training brings Proven Techniques and “Real World” experience together in an interactive classroom setting, providing professionals from all industries with the skills to improve their sales in the “Real World.”


Now is the time to gather your team and let HNH Sales train and strengthen your sales force efforts to produce the positive results you have been looking for to increase sales!


Developing a great sales force leads to significant gains in productivity, customer retention, and growth in your business. HNH Sales Training provides basic and advanced sales training workshops onsite. That means no travel costs for your sales executives, saving you time and money.


Quality Sales training can result in greater sales. Sales training customized and designed for your unique industry and your sales challenges just make sense.


Call today to find out how affordable and valuable this service is and how we can help to increase sales and revenue!


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Who Needs Sales training?

The value sales training brings to Business, Sales professionals, and Small business owners is vital to business as a whole.​​


  •  Sales Professionals

Sales training provides a repeatable, sustainable process that can result in greater sales.


  • Sales Managers and Assistants

Sales Managers and Assistants can benefit from sales training by knowing what to expect from their sales team. They will also have a better way to measure performance through standardization of processes.


  • Business

Sales training can provide faster onboarding of new hires, reduced turnover, sales force alignment, increased sales revenue, sales confidence, measurable standards, and reinforcement of business ethics.

10 Undeniable Benefits with

HNH Sales Training & Consulting

Learned Sales Methodology
Salespeople without any training or experience will often “wing it” when they are out in the field. It is a stroke of luck if they achieve any measure of success. Formal sales training provides 
new and seasoned reps a roadmap for “today's” selling environment.

Improved Communication Skills
Formal sales training teaches skills in discovery questions, active listening, buying signals, body language, relationship building, buyer personality assessments, scripting, and presentation styles. Learning these non-verbal, and verbal skills provide the salesperson with better control of the sales process and improved outcomes.

Overcoming Objections
Good sales training teaches skills to plan and deal with objections in advance and to move past them and win the sale. Most salespeople stop selling after the first objection. Only one in every eight moves past this to the second third and fourth sales call. Salespeople skilled enough to navigate successfully through 5-8 sales calls can make 80-90% of all sales.


Time Management

Sales Training that includes time management skills can help salespeople identify time wasters and educates them in ways to be more efficient, often resulting in a greater volume of sales.

Increased Revenue

Quality training can improve sales.

Sales Force Alignment

Proper sales training teaches a method of selling that provides a sustainable, repeatable, measurable sales cycle. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. This type of alignment allows everyone to row in the boat together, making it easier to manage and measure productivity.



Sales Training should motivate your sales team. New, as well as seasoned salespeople, should learn skills that boost their confidence and competence.


Ensure Business Ethics

Good sales training should include a segment on proper and improper selling techniques. This should be reviewed by management to see if there are any company policies that could be integrated into the program. Sales people that practice bad ethics can damage the reputation of the company they represent permanently.


Faster On-boarding

New sales hires are typically given an education on products they sell, company policies, and perhaps a few ride alongs with the seasoned sales rep. There is typically little or no sales training. Formal sales training can give new hires a 6-12 month advantage in learning how to sell, resulting in sales in their pipeline fast, in addition, sales training can reduce turn over by helping salespeople to perform better.This can save the company both time and money.


The 80/20 Rule

The most successful people in the world are lifelong learners. Some read 1-3 books a week. Some professions require continued education to stay proficient in the field. This makes sense due to the importance of the job; in my opinion, sales is no different. The sales force is often responsible for the revenue that keeps a business going. While other departments i.e.; marketing, business development, R & D, etc. are important, they support the sales function. Typically 80% of salespeople make 20% of sales, while the top 20% of sales professionals make 80% of sales. If you have any doubt, look at your sales team, are a few "top performers" making most of the sales? Formal sales training can boost sales and help your "sales team" grow together.